Integration, Service & Maintenance
Integration, Service & Maintenance
Integration, Service & Maintenance

TINEX is an independent technology company, providing services to the Defence, Security, Train, Tram, Subway, Broadcasting, Communication and other Communication Systems.


  • Mechanical Integration of Mobile, Semi-mobile and Fixed Installations
  • Electrical and Electro-technical Installation
  • Service, Repair and Maintenance of Electronics
  • Service, Inspection, Operation and Maintenance of Simulator Systems for Education and Training on behalf of Suppliers and Customers
  • Safety Equipment and X-ray for Aviation and other Public Customers
  • Electronic Warfare and Communications Systems
  • Signal and assigns systems for transport

TINEX’s philosophy is to offer maintenance and service of all own deliveries, Through life, in addition to maintenance and service of third party materials.

TINEX offers our services to customers and partners, both in time-limited projects and through long-term service contracts and agreements.

TINEX is typically a subcontractor for integration of partners or/and 3rd party equipment, however, in some agreed projects TINEX Globe can be the main contractor who will be responsible to integrate the suppliers equipment. This will be agreed case by case.

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