TAG The Armored Group – Armored Cars – All types

TINEX AS represent TAG Germany GmbH, Geschäftsanschrift, Nordsehler Straße 47, 31655 Stadthagen.
TAG Germany GmbH was founded in 2017 as part of TAG – The Armored Group LLC, a US Company. TAG Germany was earlier the JPA & Fahrzeugbau Stadthagen with 20 years of experience within vehicle armoring. They were known for their expertise and high quality manufacturing.

TAG is a full-line manufacturer of armored and specialty vehicles and provides customized engineering, design and manufacturing solutions for example; the U.S. Navy – SPAWAR, DOS, DOD, SOCCENT, USSOCOM, U.S. Army or Air Force. Our build-focus are luxury and/or practical armored vehicles with OEM appearance.

TAG Global Presence With Production lines in USA, Canada, Germany, UAE and India.