High quality contactors, snap-action switches and connectors from Schaltbau

AC and DC contactors up to 4,800 V and 2,000 A

With the the introduction of DC networks in manufacturing, as well as the rapid growth of renewable energies and the electric automobile motor industry, the switching of high DC loads is gaining in significance and underscoring the need for high-quality DC contactors. Building upon our experience in railway technology, Schaltbau produces highly reliable, outstanding contactors for all fields of use in which a load circuit has to be switched on and disconnected securely. Designed to IEC specifications, our wide variety of AC and DC contactors in stock range from contactors for low-voltage devices, such as batteries, through to high-voltage power contactors up to 4,800 V and 1,100 A. We develop DC contactors for, among other uses, industrial storage systems, battery test systems, car batteries and electrical bus motors.

Microswitch for safety applications

Whether as microswitch in hand-held control units, position switches in cranes or end position switches for switch controllers, our snap-action switches are the first choice for microswitches in safety applications – primarily due to their robust and precise switch mechanism and the positive opening, which also safeguards the opening of normally closed contacts. Choose from a variety of actuators, connections and materials for contacts and housings, and configure the optimum microswitch for your application!

We provide reliable connections

Connectors must ensure reliable transmission of energy and signals – coping with high voltages, harsh environments and the rough conditions of rail traffic. Connectors from Schaltbau are especially designed to meet theses requirements: Where safety and health of human beings are dependent on technology – as in transportation, mechanical engineering, lighting, food processing, battery charging, mining or offshore operations – the rugged heavy-duty connectors from Schaltbau are first choice.