Penguin C MIL VTOL Fixed-Wing UAS – presentation video 2021

The Penguin C Mk2 VTOL introduces the patented AEROFLOW Boom Technology, which enables a 20% increase in flight endurance. The patented technology showcases hoods over the vertical lifting rotors that automatically enclose the lifting rotors while the vehicle is in horizontal flight, significantly reducing the parasitic drag on the vehicle. The result is 14+ hours of flight endurance, making it the ideal VTOL solution in its class. The VTOL booms are made of advanced carbon-fiber composite, which makes them both light and rigid. Battery replacement is quick and simple and can be done in under 2 minutes, minimizing delay between flights. With the added weight of the booms to enable VTOL operations, the Penguin C Mk2 VTOL just steps into the Group 3 UAS category with an MTOW of 32kg / 70.6 lb.

See the video and more information here.