AnaPico RF and MW Test & Measurement Instruments

Single-Output RF and Microwave Signal Generators


AnaPico offers single-channel analog signal generators with low phase-noise, fast switching, analog modulations, battery-operatable, and other optional features. The standard form is compact benchtop / portable equipment that can be operated locally on a color touchscreen, and locally / remotely from a PC based GUI or over SCPI / ATE commands. Optionally they are also available in 1 HU 19” rack-mountable form.

Frequency Synthesizers


The APSYN and APUASYN series consist of low phase-noise synthesizers operating up to 40 GHz. The modules have a MHz frequency resolution. The internal high-stability reference can be phase-locked to an external programmable reference. The modules have USB and LAN interfaces and can be controlled using SCPI 1999 command set. Operated with an external DC supply, they consume less than 10 W power.
Single- and multi-channel (phase-coherent) configurations are available.

Phase Noise Analyzers

The APPH is a fully contained signal source analyzer with a frequency range of 1 MHz to 7, 26 and 40 GHz. It offers an indispensable set of measurement functions for evaluating signal sources ranging from VHF to microwave frequencies but also active and passive non self oscillating devices like amplifiers, or frequency dividers. A mixed-signal system architecture with a FPGA crossspectrum engine enables very fast signal processing and ultra-low phase noise sensitivity.