Windward’s Maritime Analytics System

Windward’s Maritime Analytics System gathers, organizes and analyzes maritime data from a variety of sources, including automatic information system (AIS) data and other private, public and commercial data, to create a one stop shop for accessible information on maritime activity, including illegal fishing, to its users.

Windward Analytics System integrates multiple data points (over 200 million a day according to Windward) to create “vessel stories” which tell the unique tale of a given ship’s location and behavior. These data points – for over 180,000 vessels – are together building a large historical database of vessel behavior that can help with recognizing patterns, ultimately making abnormal activity easily detectable.

Windward’s Analytics System will automatically generate alerts when it detects IUU fishing or other non-compliance activities from a vessel. Furthermore, its sustained surveillance and historical behavior records for vessels allow authorities to make smarter decisions about where and how to deploy resources to catch the bad guys.

The algorithms and large data set that power the Analytics System allow it to spot black listed vessels even when they take steps to conceal their activities by turning off their AIS transponders, as one example. Algorithms also defend against data manipulation.