Ultralife Communications Systems and C2UK Limited are pleased to announce the launch of the jointly developed MRC-MC4 Communications System. The MRC-MC4 is a robust radio, waveform and bearer agnostic communications system which extends the distribution of voice, video and data communications throughout the battlefield.

The system consists of 4 hand held radio pockets which are capable of housing, charging and powering a myriad of currently fielded and developmental Tactical Multiband, MANET, ROVER and ISR radios. C2UK’s integrated C-REACH-R system utilises WAVE to provide radio interoperability, programming and Radio over IP compatibility through the use of embedded BiodigitalPC™ PC’s and Radio Side Connectors and will support the dissemination of radio channels, ROVER or other ISR data and video to local friendly forces via the MANET or other user defined Bearer


We are excited to have the opportunity to work with such a focused team that brings cutting edge technologies to market and share in our passion to support the war-fighters. We will continue to work closely with C2UK on new capabilities and will be rolling out new technologies regularly on a global scale” – Scott Schoeffel, VP of Global Sales and Marketing – Ultralife Communications Systems.

In working with Ultralife we have been able to bring together the significant technical capabilities of both companies to deliver a pioneering new approach to tactical networking and communications interoperability. The MRC-MC4 represents the first step in the relationship between C2UK and Ultralife as we look to jointly move forward to address current and future capability gaps” – Stewart Burton, Business Development Director – C2UK LTD.

Virginia Beach, VA based Ultralife Communications Systems provides innovation and technology that meet ever changing mission requirements through their two brands; AMTI and McDowell Research.

C2UK are a privately owned UK-based business specialising in the design, production and integration of bespoke Command and Control (C2) and Sophisticated Information Management Systems.

For more information contact TINEX on +47 481 96 666 or sales@tinex.no