TINEX ATP System – Automatic Train Protection System

TINEX have developed a modular Automatic Train Protection, Hugin Cab Signal System (HCSS). The system can be installed and adapted to customer’s requirements. ATP is a train safety system for identifying and reacting to potential hazardous conditions.


Onboard Equipment: – AN2001

• Cab-Signal – AN2010L
• Break control unit, RCU – AN2015-2
• Power Supply – AN2092
• Sensor Control Unit – AN2096I
• Display – AN2070
• Cab Signal external interface – AN2085
• Brake control unit external interface – AN2086
• Pick-up Coils – AN2075

Track Side Equipment:

• Track coding device – AN2020

Universal Test Equipment:

• Test Code Generator – AN3010
• Transmit coils for AN3010 – AN3015


• Receive Speed Code from Track Circuit
• Present Accepted Speed to Driver
• Enforce Track Speed Limits


• Adaptable to most General Rolling Stock Systems
• Small Size
• Easy Place able
• Diversity
• Reliable and Robust
• Approved by Norwegian Authority


• Failsafe
• No software in Safety Functions
• Built on up-to-date Component
• Pick up Coils for any Environment (sulfur, salt & humidity etc.)

Possible other user areas

• Extended Security for Areas with Special Speed Limit
• Curves
• Crossings
• Station Areas
• Areas under Construction
• Fixed and Temporary Installations



Universal Test Equipment for CAB signalsOur test code generator is designed to simplify the testing of any Cab Signal System using 75Hz as carrier, including Hugin Cab Signal System (HCSS). The test equipment is to be used after installation, preventive-and corrective maintenance, control and error seeking on uncoded track or at workshops. The test code generator simulates the codes to regulate allowed speed on Metro, Tram and maintenance trains. Transmit coils for other compatible pick-up coils can be delivered on request.


TINEX has delivered our system to Sporveiene og Trikken for SL95 and the service vehicles in Norway.

For more information, contact Sales@tinex.no