Test bench – Novotronik

Automated test series in test units made by novotronik

Manual testing of prototypes en route to series production take up time and money. The test unit system from novotronik automates these test series. How successfully do new products and instruments work? For example, components for a LAN connection: a novotronik transmitter sends test signals via the connection and modifies the conditions autonomously or as specified. A receiver tests the input of the signals and records the results. For telecommunication, automotive and many more areas, novotronik switching units simplify and optimize complex measuring series, while checking compliance with the standards and functionality.

Switching unit GTS3694

The switching unit GTS3694 serves for reliable testing of network components for an application up to 18 GHz. It has coaxial relays for low insertion loss as well as a LAN and IEEE488 interface. A hand control module with LC display and pushbuttons as well as a LED status display are optionally available.

The I/O boards are monitored in a process routine. The setting of crosspoints and I/O error messages are displayed on the manual control module. Status feedback can also be called up at any time via the control interface. The device is modular in design – predominantly with 19” plug-in assemblies, thus making it very service friendly.

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