Stationary and covert power supply

The Challenge

Semi-stationary and stationary surveillance systems often do not have access to the mains grid, in many cases they need to be hidden from view.

The Solution

SFC offers two products for stationary and covert power supply for surveillance and law enforcement applications. The EFOY Pro fuel cell can easily be installed into existing cabinets or other enclosures, suitable for undercover surveillance. JENNY ND Terra can even be buried underneath the ground, where it will supply reliable energy for up to 4 days without any user intervention. For more information on JENNY ND Terra, please see covert operations for military here.
The Benefits

Long autonomy – The EFOY Pro fuel cell will produce independent off-grid power, 24/7, in any weather, climate or season. As long as there is fuel, the EFOY Pro will fully automatically supply power. Autonomy of any CCTV system can be lengthened significantly, depending to the size of the fuel cartridge employed.
Easily installed – theft and vandalism proof – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is lightweight, compact and can easily be installed into existing cabinets and outdoor boxes. Installed into a suitable enclosure, the EFOY Pro fuel cell is not exposed to theft or vandalism like for example solar panels often are.
Non-detectable – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is suitable for silent-watch operations. It is easily camouflaged by integrating the fuel cell into surroundings that do not attract attention. A running, integrated fuel cell cannot be recognized from the outside.
Environmentally friendly – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is environmentally friendly. In operation it will emit small amounts of water vapor and CO2, allowing its use in nature reserve areas.

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