SFC Power Solutions – (Direct-Methanol-Fuel-Cell)

SFC Energy has developed a complete product portfolio that meets the demanding requirements of military and law-enforcement users. Power Solutions by SFC Energy are based on DMFC (Direct-Methanol-Fuel-Cell) Technology and supply power reliably, lightweight and non-detectable.

EMILY 3000

EMILY 3000 was developed based on experience and user feedback regarding the successfull EMILY 2200 fuel cell generator.
In comparison to EMILY 2200, nominal power output has increased about 35 % to a maximum of 125 Watt.
One of the most important new features of EMILY 3000 is its new charging flexibility. In addition to conventional batteries, the fully ruggedized fuel cell generator also charges modern lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries.
EMILY 3000 can be connected to SFC Power Manager 3G and therefore function as charging device for up to 4 batteries simultaneously.

EMILYCube 2500

EMILYCube 2500 combines a 100 W fuel cell based on the field proven EMILY 2200 fuel cell, a 6.8 Ah li-ion battery, and a 10 liter fuel cartridge in a lightweight, compact box. This turnkey energy solution is quiet, reliable and user friendly, just like all SFC fuel cells. Weighing 13.5 kg (21.9 kg including 10 l fuel cartridge), the EMILYCube is a portable charging station or power supply that will immediately deliver reliable power when plugged in and connected to a fuel cartridge.


The JENNY 600S is a miniaturized, lightweight portable fuel cell by SFC for deployment in defense scenarios. The JENNY 600S can be used for battery recharging or for directly powering a number of electrical devices. In combination with the SFC Power Manager, it creates a highly efficient energy network, enabling the recharging of up to 4 batteries simultaneously.

Power Manager 3G

The SFC Power Manager 3G charges batteries efficiently and provides reliable power to equipment in the field. It can easily be integrated into existing systems and simplifies power logistics. SFC Power Manager 3G enables soldiers in the field to make optimum use of available power sources including batteries, vehicle power, solar, and of course fuel cells. Intelligent and configurable power management significantly reduces the overall power system weight, while at the same time increasing operation efficiency.


With a total weight of about 10.5 kg, this innovative portable power system is designed to be transported by a single individual, and is immediately ready for use wherever and whenever required. JENNY ND Terra reliably provides electricity for undercover monitoring, reconnaissance, and property protection. It is already in use by leading defense organizations as a lightweight, quiet and non-detectable source of power in the field. It can even be used buried underground! The system’s 2.5-liter fuel cartridge has a capacity of 2,750 Wh. The same quantity of energy in classic lead batteries or lithium-ion batteries would weigh about 90 kg and 18 kg respectively.


EFOY Pro fuel cell is easily integrated into various applications. It can be used on board a vehicle to supply reliable on board power for idle-free missions. Or, EFOY Pro can be integrated into any cabinet to supply reliable and silent stationary off-grid power.

EFOY ProCube

EFOY ProCube is a complete, mobile and maintenance-free off-grid power supply solution – ready for use anytime and anywhere. Just plug it in and enjoy an immediate, reliable power supply.

EFOY ProEnergyBox

The EFOY ProEnergyBox has been developed for use in all climate scenarios at temperatures from – 40 °C to + 50 °C (- 40 °F to + 122 °F). One EFOY Pro fuel cell generator, up to two batteries, a solar charge controller and max. two M28 fuel cartridges can be integrated into the EFOY ProEnergyBox. A long autonomy without any user intervention is warranted.

Thanks to effective temperature regulation, the heat given off by the EFOY Pro fuel cell generator can be used in sub-zero temperatures to keep the energy solution warm and also prevent the battery and the electronics inside from freezing. An effective heat conduction system has been implemented for high ambient temperature environments in order to protect the components inside the box from heat.

The EFOY ProEnergyBox provides enough space for customer-specififc installations. It can be adapted to the customer’s wishes. Furthermore the EFOY ProEnergyBox is hybrid compatible and ideal as back-up or extension for solar energy systems.


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