Sales Partner for Electrics for rolling stock Schaltbau GmbH in Norway

Modern and efficient transportation systems require safe railway vehicles with low downtime and
maintenance. Here the quality and reliability of the components used is the decisive factor.
Schaltbau electrics for rolling stock fully meet these requirements of OEMs and railway operators
alike. They are used in rail vehicles all over the world, where they ensure safe and smooth
operation in the harsh railway environment.

In a Rail special you will learn more about the technical basics and use of Schaltbau electrics for rolling stock.

Equipment for driver’s cab and passenger use


Master controllers

Modular, customized master and brake controllers with optional integration of a keylock or dead-man switch.

Kippschalter K 160

Toggle switches

Toggle switches in 4 series. 3- and 5-position devices with snap-action switches or cam switch elements.

S126_S007 Schlüsselschalter 160

Keylock, safety critical and dead-man switches

Push buttons, keylock switches, dead-man’s hand and foot switches, timetable holders.

JA222WD Hupe 160

Electronic buzzers

Electronic buzzers, weathererproof buzzer sealed to IP65, multi-tone buzzer for up to 9 tones.

Control panel assemblies

Control panel assemblies

Designed for use in compartment and open saloon cars. Various combinations of displays, contols and sensors.

Emergency brake handles group

Emergency brake handles

Emergency brake handles for rail vehicles, moving walkways and escalators. Noticeable and robust.

TRPM Mechanical Footrest


Electrical and mechanical footrests designed for drivers’ convenience and health

TRMP Pneumatic Rear Mirror

Rear mirrors

Bespoke mirrors equipped to withstand extreme railway conditions

High-voltage equipment

CVB 25 Vakuum-Hauptschalter 160

AC vacuum circuit breaker

Electrically operated main switch on electric locomotives and EMUs. Switching energy stored by a spring.

H2/H3 underfloor cabinet

High-voltage switchgear cabinets

H2/H3 underfloor cabinets with disconnecting and earthing device and high-voltage switchgear.

TCMB switch for DC application


Locally and remotely controlled multiple pole actuators

ZH 1500 series

Disconnecting and earthing devices

Safe working on disconnected and earthed high-voltage equipment.

ZH963 series

Sensors and HV controlgear

Identification of UIC 550 compliant voltages and load-free adjustment of electrical configurations.

Motor driven switchgear DM group

Motor-driven switchgear

Schaltbau change-over units are compemented with a 800 A high-current and a 200 A low-current variant.

ZH1800 Notstarteinrichtung 160

Flat battery power supply

Providing, in the event of a flat vehicle battery, control voltage for the static inverters directly from the train line.

F195 Heizgeräte 160


Heating devices for air and water heating in rolling stock.

Overtemperature protection devices

Overtemperature protection devices

Fusible overtemperature protection and tripping devices for air heaters.

Electric equipment for magnetic track brakes

ZL213 series

MTB monitoring unit

Device for electrical control and monitoring of magnetic track brakes (MTB).


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