Sales Partner for Connectors from Schaltbau GmbH in Norway

Connectors must ensure reliable transmission of energy and signals – coping with high voltages, harsh environments and the rough conditions of rail traffic. Connectors from Schaltbau are especially designed to meet theses requirements: Where safety and health of human beings are dependent on technology – as in transportation, mechanical engineering, lighting, food processing, battery charging, mining or offshore operations – the rugged heavy-duty connectors from Schaltbau are first choice.

In a connector special you will learn more about the technical basics and use of Schaltbau connectors.


Rugged industry standard connectors


M Series

Circular modular connectors with plastic shell. 4 up to 7+7 contacts + PE. All versions sealed to IP67/IP69K.


G Series

Circular connectors with aluminium die-cast shell. In 4 sizes, 2 to 48 contacts + PE. All versions sealed to IP54/IP67.


GM Series

Circular modular connectors with plastic shell. 4 to 64 contacts + PE. All variants sealed to IP67.


GA Series

Special connectors with metal shell. 4 power contacts and 11 control contacts. All versions sealed to IP67/IP69K.


Connectors for signal transmission


NF Series

Audio connectors for telecommunications. 4 to 10 poles. EMP shielding > 70 dB.


Charging connectors for industrial trucks

LV series

LV, LV-HPC Series

High power charging connectors for currents up to 500 A. Adapters for pilot contacts, water top up and electrolyte circulation systems.


Connectors for railway engineering


UIC 558 VE Series

Connectors for transmitting control signals and binary data between motor car and trailer cars of multiple unit trains.

UIC-IT series

UIC-IT Series

Robust and state-of-the-art Ethernet solution for data communication.

Connectors, ZS series

ZS and ZH Series connector to UIC 552

Internationally compatible jumper for railway vehicles with a train line for power supply.


EP Series to UIC 541-5 VE

Connectors for the electro-pneumatic brake system and emergency brake override.


B Series for railway vehicles

Designed for connecting power and control lines. Additional control contacts for interlocking circuit.


SB Series for special applications

Circular connectors with rubber sealed, waterproof inserts


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