Reseller of Remote Controlled Robotic Solutions in Norway

More than 700 Cobham Unmanned systems are in service today, supporting bomb disposal officers and first responders in nations around the world.

Distance means safety; this basic rule with regard to disarming explosive devices means that bomb disposal officers increasingly prefer EOD Robots as their tool of choice.


Not only bomb disposal officers are exposed to a wide and varied range of hazards today; rescue forces and first responders increasingly get into situations that involve an extremely high level of personnel danger. Unmanned robotic systems have been developed to allow inspection and deal with hazards from a safe distance.


Building on this exceptional experience base, highly advanced solutions can be offered today; semiautonomous and remote controlled robots that can take samples of suspected biological or chemical warfare agents, plus reconnaissance platforms for CBRNE detection.


telemax Explosive Ordnance (EOD) Robot

The telemax robot is the most versatile EOD / Hazmat robot available on the market today. It packs up small enough to fit in the back of a small…


tEODor Explosive Ordnance (EOD) Robot

tEODor is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and observation robot that sets the standard worldwide.


NBCmax CBRNe Service Robot

The NBCmax service robot is a universal mobile sensor platform that can be equipped with a broad palette of sensors to detect and investigate Ch…


OSCAR Observation Surveillance Clarification And Reconnaissance Robot

The OSCAR reconnaissance platform can be used universally and provides a comprehensive and reliable estimation of the situation through a large …


Safety Guard Service Robot

The service robot Safety Guard was initially designed to provide technical assistance in the event of an incident occurring at a major industria…

Unmanned Systems EOD Robots Brochure

Unmanned Systems EOD Robots Brochure

Cobham develops machines, equipment and systems that protect or replace human beings in situations where their presence would be either impossib…