Radio monitoring from Novotronik

Receiving and processing signals effectively

Reliable and fault-free reception and processing of radio signals are fundamental for homeland and foreign security. Whether for air traffic controllers in the field of aviation or the coast guard on the high seas, no matter whether civilian or defence applications – fault-free management of the incoming signals is crucial for correct action in critical situations.

Long and short-wave matrix MAS2307

The long and shortwave matrix MAS2307 distributes 2 HF signals without blocking in the frequency range 0.01 … 30 MHz to 4 receivers and 5 VHF/UHF signals in the frequency range 20 … 3000 MHz to 4 receivers. It is housed in a 19” assembly rack with very good HF shielding and has a low-noise amplifier with high dynamic range and LAN interface. A manual control module and redundant power supplies are optionally available.

The I/O boards are monitored in a processor routine. The setting of crosspoints and I/O error messages are displayed on the manual control module. Status feedback can also be called up at any time via the control interface. The device is modular in design, predominantly with 19” plug-in assemblies, thus making it very service friendly.

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