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Radio and television stations

Secure reception and individual access to signals

Radio and television broadcasting stations not only broadcast programmes they produce themselves. Signals have to be received and edited around the clock for a 24-hour service: incoming images from agencies and cameramen, correspondent reports, live links to reports on site.

For loss-free transmission, targeted transport within the internal network and zero error rates: the data management of the novotronik matrices ensures fault-free operation.

L-Band-Matrix MAS2541

L-Band-Matrix MAS2541

The L-band matrix MAS2541 distributes 64 L-band signals without blocking to 8 receivers in the frequency range 950 … 2150 MHz. It is housed in a 19” assembly rack with very good HF shielding and has a low-noise amplifier with high dynamic range and an RS-422 interface, amongst other features. A manual control module, redundant power supply and DC voltage supply for LNB’s are optionally available. Other interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, IEEE488 and LAN are possible.

The I/O boards are monitored in a processor routine. The setting of crosspoints and I/O error messages are displayed on the manual control module. Status feedback can also be called up at any time via the control interface. The device is modular in design – predominantly with 19” plug-in assemblies, thus making it very service friendly. The matrix outputs are protected against DC voltage.

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