Platform Screen Doors – PINTSCH BAMAG

Together with the company PINTSCH BAMAG, TINEX can deliver Platform Screen Doors to the Norwegian Market


Safe and green

PINTSCH BAMAG has extensive experience in all questions of security regarding railway operation. They can assure our customers in the field of platform screen doors of the following:

  • safe and reliable design
  • design for new and refurbishment platforms
  • proven technology
  • production
  • world wide representatives as a member of the SCHALTBAU GROUP

 Technical and energy efficient aspects

  • Very low noise of the moving doors
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduce energy consumption of HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Decreasing of long life costs

Platform Screen Doors Shenyang


Full Height PSD

Produkte Full Height PSD

Half Height PSD

Produkte Half Height PSD


Produkte Equipment

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