Off grid power for domestic security

Security applications – whether they be static or mobile surveillance in vehicles – require an independent, reliable and ideally noise-free power supply. Semi-static and static surveillance systems also need to be able to operate uninterrupted in places where there is no mains connection. In security vehicles, the power supply to electrical consumers also needs to be ensured for long periods while the vehicle’s engine is switched off. Idle running for battery charging purposes need to be avoided in order to increase the flexibility of the deployment vehicles and in order to avoid drawing attention during undercover operations. For both scenarios, a small, compact source of energy with little to no signature is needed. For surveillance missions, covert operations, traffic surveillance and vehicle-based applications SFC Energy supplies fuel cells for vehicle integration.

The advantages at a glance

  • Weight reduction
  • Smaller footprint
  • Considerably reduced operating costs
  • Reduced particle emissions, vehicle is charged directly at the place of use

No chargers or infrastructure required

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