Modular Quick Chargers for E-buses

PINTSCH BAMAG offers quick-charging systems for electric buses, which are particularly adapted to the needs of public transport.

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Our systems operate in public area so safety is a critical point. We achieve safety by

  • protected access and safety switches
  • an integrated safety loop which runs from the charger to the battery
  • high quality disconnecting means (against danger from electric arcs)
  • monitoring of all variables by a central controller
  • use of dedicated hardware for monitoring without software

High availability

For our customers the availability is a central requirement.

We meet this requirement by

  • Use of components from the rail segment
  • Use of components with extended temperature range
  • Reduction of failure rates by good cooling
  • generous sizing to allow continuous operation at high clock frequency
  • redundancy (parallel operation of power units

High Efficiency

Losses muss be dissipated. The use of fans is difficult in residential areas. High losses lead to significant operating costs. Therefore PINTSCH BAMAG took the focus of the development to the achievement of a very good efficiency factor. This can save you yearly thousands of Euros compared to the other solutions.

High performance

Due to the limited power density of today’s batteries and the limited space available , the E-bus is dependent on frequent stops, in which the battery must be recharged. In order to hold the waiting times at bus stops as short as possible a very large loading capacity is required. Therefore PINTSCH BAMAG delivers systems up to 500kW, higher outputs are also possible.

High voltage charging specifically for e-buses

Large battery for a large vehicle. There are special requirements at the height of the charging voltage, which are met by our products. Voltages up to 1000V or more are feasible