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MMIC EOD are inventors, manufacturers and developers of specialist equipment for EOD, CBRN and industrial environments. They have a flair for thinking differently about customers problems, with the ethos “we will find a way or make one”

monica™ mk.6 remote case entry and sampling system
The increasing danger posed by CBW and TICs requires a radical reassessment of capabilities to deal rapidly and effectively with the known or suspected threat from these weapons and chemicals.
Standard chemical agent monitors depend on a significant release of agent into the environment in order to function. Non-invasive detection methods such as Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) can provide information on the elemental composition of contained materials but no direct evidence of their chemical structure.
The only totally reliable technique for analysis of contents, chemical or biological, is to take and analyse a physical sample.
This is the rationale behind mmic eod’s monica™ case entry system, and for this reason the equipment has been adopted by many of the major authorities concerned with the CBW threat. This unique field-proven equipment provides remote case entry and sample/empty capabilities for a wide range of both conventional and improvised CBW.
The equipment is designed to insert a gas-tight self-sealing probe through target casings in a wide range of materials including metals and plastics with a considerable range of wall thickness. Once installed the probe gives fully sealed access for sampling, extraction or neutralisation of the target contents.
The monica™ drilling head attaches directly to the target, regardless of its diameter, and will attach safely and reliably to a range of surfaces without any surface preparation of the target.
No operator set-up is required to deal with different wall thickness or case diameter. Training is simple and operators invariably comment on the simplicity and user-friendliness of the system.
Power is supplied by compressed air from standard SCBA or other compressed air cylinders making the system man-portable and extremely reliable.
The equipment can be easily deployed from a single small vehicle by a two-man team in under five minutes.

‘mats’ (monica agent transfer system) is a light-weight and compact system designed to empty and back-flush munitions or TIC containers once they have been accessed with the monica system.
The system is powered by compressed air and will rapidly decant even highly viscous fills from targets. Fully sealed decontamination of a range of vessels without exposing operatives or their environment to the vessel’s contents at any stage in the process is then possible.
The MATS system can also be used for in situ neutralisation of target contents.
In common with all our products it is designed to be simple and intuitive to use even when wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

‘midas’ is a light-weight and compact sampling system designed as an alternative to the monica system.
The equipment allows sampling from a range of targets including certain munitions, storage drums and other containers without exposing the operator or the environment to target contents at any time.
The equipment is operated manually using a standard cordless electric drill. Once breached the target casing is automatically sealed and a sample of the contents taken.
midas is constructed from materials resistant to highly corrosive substances including most TIC’s, CW agents and their precursors.
In common with all our products it is designed to be simple and intuitive to use even when wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


“matilda” remote fuze removal system
mmic’s ‘matilda’ system allows the remote removal of fuzes from artillery projectiles and dropped ordnance.
The system can attach to a range of munitions with minimal disturbance and preparation. It is capable of operating underwater or in explosive atmospheres using an air-powered hydraulic pump.
Smooth impact-free torque is provided by a two-speed hydraulic bolting tool, capable of generating over 6500 Nm (5000 lb.ft.) of torque.
If required (to deal, for example, with an All-Ways fuze) the fuze may be immobilised and the projectile body rotated.
The equipment is light, compact and can be remotely operated from distances of up to 1 kilometre.
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