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Kathrein Optimise the Flow of Data in Buildings

About 80 percent of mobile communication now takes place in buildings. The central challenges existing here for mobile communication providers and building owners are optimal signal qualitiy within buildings and the flexible provision of transmission capacity oriented to requirements. This in turn demands a new generation of intelligent, active indoor systems.

With the K-BOW system, Kathrein has developed an innovative solution that precisely complies with these needs and sets new standards. The system guarantees optimum signal quality in all building sections and flexibly and dynamically provides capacities precisely where momentarily needed. Mobile communication providers and building owners can therefore optimally fulfil customer demands in buildings around the clock, and also rapidly respond to changes in user behaviour.

K-BOW can be easily planned and installed. The system masters all common communication standards and enables the simultaneous use of various mobile communication networks. Energy consumption can also be significantly reduced thanks to K-BOW. The design of the system was distinguished with the internationally renowned iF Design Award.

Micro C-RAN Capacity Solution

With K-BOW Kathrein enters a new dimension in in-house mobile broadband. By combining the synergies and experience available from the areas of highly efficient antennas, RF signal processing and power amplification technology, Kathrein is providing a future proof solution for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • K-BOW is a Micro C-RAN System, which makes use of a centralised base station pool. It transforms an indoor mobile communication environment into a flexible multi-operator, multi-band and multi-standard network.
  • K-BOW provides flexible signal distribution and routing over all supported frequency bands and technologies, thereby enabling an optimal capacity distribution within the very dense traffic areas of the network.
  • K-BOW deployments are future proof. The Kathrein system is technology independent and includes MIMO capability from day one. LTE-A features are transparently supported. The system is expandable in live operation. No additional cabling required.
  • K-BOW is designed with a minimum requirement on installation efforts. Install, connect, commission: no lengthy configuration and calibration – one time visit.

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