EFOY Pro News

Reliable power supply for fleet vehicles and special vehicles


Fleet vehicles often have long idle times and need to provide electrical power for devices even when the vehicle is not in use. Partly due to legal regulations and due to the noise pollution it is not allowed to start the engine to recharge the battery. In addition, the environment is polluted by emissions through the use of the engine. The EFOY Pro fuel cell offers an emission-free, sustainable, fully automatic and 100% reliable solution. Benefits

  • Long autonomy – long assignment duration – An EFOY Pro fuel cell delivers, when a M10 cartridge, more than 9 days autonomous power for devices with a permanent total consumption of 50 W.
  • 100% reliable – through the hybrid operation of batteries and fuel cells. The EFOY Pro fuel cell monitors continuously the state of battery charge and loads it automatically when necessary.

Mobile and independent power – The EFOY Pro fuel cell is ideal for installing in the passenger compartment. Due to the low space requirement and quiet operation, working alongside an operating EFOY Pro fuel cell is no problem.

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