EFOY Pro Fuel Cell – Highest Availability for Telecommunication Systems in Outlying Are


Off-Grid Power Anywhere and Anytime for Telecommunication Systems

  • Increased Runtime and Autonomy
  • 100 % Reliability
  • Easily Installed and Handled

The Application

Repeater stations are often situated in locations difficult to access, as they transfer telecommunication signals to isolated areas.
Energy demand: between 20 and 250 W
Autonomy demand: Several months

The Challenge

Provide reliable, weather independent off-grid power with an easy handling, low maintenance energy solution.

The Solution

Repeater Stations: Team up EFOY Pro fuel cells with solar panels, wind generators and batteries for independent off-grid power even in remote locations.

The Benefits

  • Increased runtime and autonomy – Continuous power supply for repeater stations: EFOY Pro fuel cells offer maintenance free off-grid power for several months. Up to one year of autonomy can be achieved when powering a 20 W repeater station with EFOY Pros in hybrid combination with solar.
  • 100 % Reliability – EFOY Pro fuel cells are lightweight. This reduces the need for large and heavy batteries, enabling easing installation and handling processes.
    Easy installation and handling – An EFOY Pro fuel cell is compact and lightweight and can easily be integrated into existing cabinets. Once installed all that is needed is an occasional fuel cartridge exchange. This can be calculated and planned very closely beforehand. The fuel cell can be remotely controlled, making extra trips to the site unnecessary.

EFOY Pro provides reliable, weather independent off-grid power at remote sites while reducing logistics costs.


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