Cooperation with NARR Modular Systems GmbH

Together with Cooperation with NARR Modular Systems GmbH, TINEX can deliver container solution to customers in Norway.

Development, production, distribution, logistics as well as the assembly and maintenance of container rooms modules for military and humanitarian Organizations and for the civil defense.

Health sector

  • Field hospitals
  • Hospital wards
  • Operation rooms
  • Treatment rooms
  • Sterilization rooms
  • Laboratories

Aid organizations and civil defense

  •  Mobile field camps
  • † Air-conditioned accommodations
  • † Field kitchens
  • † Mobile headquarters
  • † Workshops
  • † Offices and control centers
  • † Cold rooms and deep freezing rooms for the storage of food and medicine

Modular and flexible

  • Very light and resistant modular system
  • Modular and extremely flexible, height-adjustable
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of CRM without crane


  • Minimal transportation volume and high transportation security thanks to a special packaging system (shaking test)
  • Packing on universal transportation palette for the transportation by helicopter or trailer
  • Packing in 20“ freight container for the transportation by truck, train, ship or plane