Cooperation with CHV GmbH – products in the rail vehicles domain

CHV GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise in the supply industry whose products are used in the rail vehicles domain.

Having been a long-standing part of a system supplier, the company was set up anew as an independent organisation in December 2010. It now presents itself with reinvigorated motivation and a group philosophy.

By linking up with Hötten Industrie und Services GmbH (also geographically) CHV are now able to put forward a comprehensive product range. Given their long-standing experience as a supplier of sanding systems, foot pedestals, mirror systems, heating systems, steps and ramps, they intend to expand these activities further in the future together with their customer services.

  • Sand dispensers

    Sand dispensers on rail vehicles are generally used to increase the adhesive friction between the wheel and the rail.

    More about sand dispensers

  • Step systems

    Safe access to and exit from rail vehicles is an absolute prerequisite for orderly passenger operations.

    More about step systems

  • Mirror systems

    The CHV outside mirror drive is an electric crank drive designed for a rated voltage of 24 V DC.

    More about mirror systems


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