COJOT Product News Q3 2015



High-gain omnidirectional manpack antenna for the 3 – 6 GHz frequency range

COJOT releases a high performance, low weight manpack antenna with a small visual profile that provides up to +7 dBi typical horizontal gain. The new HD36 is optionally also available with a steel shock absorption spring. Data sheet »


Interchangeable mounting solution for VHF / UHF dipole antennas

COJOT introduces a brand new feature for its dipole antennas. The radiator element is quickly detachable from the base unit for immediate deployment, with interchangeable mounting modules, at another installation location, e.g. for an easy switch from vehicle based to mast mounted Communication or ECM Systems. Demo video »




Powerful VHF / UHF manpack antenna

Featuring a power rating of up to 50W (RMS), the new WB25512XR manpack antenna is targeted at portable high-power jamming applications within the 25 – 512 MHz frequency range.  Data sheet »

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