Cables and connectors for AN/PRC from Ultralife


When you combine Ultralife quality-assured design and manufacturing reliability with your need to get connected and stay connected, you get the best of both worlds. We provide the military and government sectors with an ever-expanding line of customized and integrated connectivity solutions:

  • Radio remote control
  • Radio programming
  • High-speed data controllers
  • GPS receiver connection
  • Specialized audio accessories
  • Custom cable assemblies

Our cables feature a small form factor; low-profile recessed thumbscrews; optional data switch; and are available in kit form for customer applications.

Current list of Cables:

For AN/PRC-148 (C-400 Series)

Side Connector Kit (C-400)

VDC400/600 (C-401)

RS-232 (C-402)

VDC200/300/500 (C-403)

DAGR (C-404)

Retransmit (C-405)

Serial Data (C-407)

For AN/PRC-152 (C-600 Series)

VDC400/600 (C-601)

RS-232 (C-602)

DAGR (C-604)

USB-A (C-611)

DB9 (C-613)

HPW (C-613HPW)

Unterminated (C-615)

For AN/PRC-117F (C-800 Series)

DAGR (C-804)

For AN/PRC-117G (C-300 Series)

DB9 (C-313) HPW (C-313HPW)

For RF-5800 (C-700 Series)

Side Connector Kit (C-700)

VDC400/600 (C-701)

RS-232 (C-702)

VDC200/300/500 (C-703)

Serial Data (C-707)

UAV Audio-Fill Applications

C-901 Dual Connector Cable