BlackTree & TrellisWare MANET Products

Together With our partner BlackTree, TINEX can deliver MANET to Norwegian customers.


TrellisWare’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) products carry our unique Tactical Scalable MANET (TSM) waveform. All the MANET products have the same networking capabilities, are interoperable with each other, and can be used for many different applications. These tactical radios are built tough; each one is rugged, small, and long-lasting.

The TSM products provide a bulletproof network in harsh RF environments, during critical situations, or when unexpected network challenges occur. Unlike cellular or Wi-Fi based technologies, TSM uses advanced signal processing and cooperative communication technologies built from the ground up to deliver the world’s most robust and reliable high-speed wireless IP networking coverage.


Tactical Scalable MANET

Robust Extended Network Coverage

  • 26 miles per hop – Up to 8 hops
  • 200+ nodes
  • Harsh RF environments: shipboard, tunnel, urban, heavy foliage, etc.
  • High dynamic: high mobility, air borne, complex topology, etc.

Communication Capability

  • Data Rate: 8 Mbps IP throughput
  • Voice: 12 channels, AMR5.9 (GSM) or MELPe
  • Full IP supports Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast
  • Multiple video stream support

Application Support

  • Built-in web applications for configuration and network monitoring
  • Over-the-air remote control and configuration
  • APIs for third party application integration


  • AES-256 Suite B
  • Remote disable
  • RSA-2048 and SHA-256 authentication

Advanced Position Location Information (PLI) Support

  • Built-in GPS support
  • Position report via Cursor-on-Target (COT), KML, and JSON

Contact TINEX AS for more information on or +47 481 96 666