AVIrail Systems GmbH – Advanced Video for Railway

AVIrail Systems GmbH from Germany is a developer and manufacturer of standard-compliant real-time video surveillance systems and components (e.g. cameras, monitors, videolinks) for rail vehicles, buses and specific domains and is a specialist for real-time rearview mirror systems.

In addition to video surveillance solutions the AVIrail Systems GmbH provides also high-end data recorder with control functions. 


Their products and systems are specifically designed for the actual application area of the customers. Housings as well as hard and software configuration may be designed project specific. Thus a good integrability into the vehicle is granted.

By the use of video-two-wire only one cable for video and power supply is needed. In case of refitting it is possible to retain the existing cabling.

Certifications as EN 50155 (railway standards) and SIL (Safety integrity level) verify that the products and systems are suitable for railway and fulfill high requirements.


More safety through their system solutions:

  • The images are displayed nearly without delay in real-time
  • No frozen pictures possible
  • Rapid response to changing light conditions (no blooming)

Systems & Products:


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