Audio Matrix MAS0940 from Novotronik
The matrix consists of 3 blocks. Each distributes 6 AF signals to 6 receivers in the frequency range DC … 100 kHz with blocking.




The matrix is housed in a 3 U 19“ subrack with very good RF shielding and consists of the following

–    amplifiers with high dynamic range
–    solid-state switch SP6T
–    processor board
–    LAN and RS-232 interface
–    voltage monitoring board (optional)
–    manual control module (optional)

All the necessary signal, power supply and earthing connections are provided at the back.
The mains switch is located on the front panel.


The matrix is controlled via a LAN and a RS-232 interface. Other interfaces are possible on request.

Special features

The I/O boards are monitored in a processor routine.
The selected crosspoints as well as the I/O fault messages are displayed on the manual control module.
A status string can also be requested at any time via the control interface
The unit is constructed using a modular approach utilising 19” plug-in sub-assemblies which enable ease of installation and maintenance.

Contact TINEX AS for more information on or +47 481 96 666

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Technical data measured at 25 °C
Configuration: 3 blocks with
6 inputs, 6 outputs each (2 unbal.)
RF specifications
unbalanced 75 Ohm
balanced 600 Ohm
Frequency range: DC … 100 kHz
Gain: 1 +/- 1.0 dB max.
Noise figure: 10.0 dB max.
Distortion: 0.3% max. (1 kHz)
On/off 60 dB min.
Switching time: 20 ms max.
Switching elements: solid-state switches
Further specifications
Control: LAN (TCP/IP) und RS-232
Manual control (optional): LCD (4×20) and pushbuttons (3×6)
RF connectors:
unbalanced BNC female
balanced BNO female
Power supply: 195 … 264 VAC, 47 … 63 Hz
Connector 3-pin with mains filter and fuses
Mains switch: with integrated lamp
Temperature range:
Operation -10 … +50 °C
EMC: In accordance to Europan standard EN 55022 and EN 50082-1/2
Height 3 U
Width 19“
Depth about 360 mm (without connectors & handles)
Front view: varnished according RAL 7032