ALDEBARAN 360 Degree Flex LED light from Setolite

Flexible light efficient all around!

The consequent advancement of the successful ALDEBARAN® 360 degrees relies on high flexibility and efficient use of the ultra-bright LED light (*). The possibility of choosing between 360 degrees all-around light and surrounding illumination directed downwards nearly steplessly opens up a wide range of applications. On construction sites, at rescue operations or at events, using light effectively is the supreme discipline of the 360 degrees FLEX-LED.

The system is ready to use in a few minutes. Moreover, it can be used in indoor and outdoor areas thanks to IP 54 (**). With the integrated, intelligent controlling, you can choose between half (180°) and full (360°) lighting, as well as dimmed power (*). The mast foot is constructed for a 30mm DIN bolt. Additionally, the luminaire has a ring, so that it can be suspended on ceilings etc.

(*) FLEX-LED 960 | (**) IP65 for FLEX LED 320

HIGH PERFORMANCE – up to 100.000 Lumen light power

Up to 100.000(*) Lumen light power. In practice, this value means the illumination of an area of approx. 5.000 m² (circular) with the mounting of a single lamp on a mast system in 6 meters height with an angle of inclination of approx 35 degrees. Additionally, up to 5 Lux are achieved in the border area.

LOW OPERATION COSTS – up to 10-fold longer life time at 20% of the energy consumption

With only 960 LED power (*), as much light is created as with a comparable 5,000 watts halogen spotlight. Replacements of the illuminant is normally not necessary. After 50,000 hours of light duration, approx. 80% of the light power is available. Moreover, the LEDs of our Aldebaran FLEX LED 960 achieve up to 10-fold the life time of common HQI and halogen illuminants.

INNOVATIVE FLEXIBILITY – universally equipped for every purpose

All advantages of the predecessor model united with new technology. The handy and proven all-around light feature (180 degrees optionally on-/off-switchable), combined with variably adjustable light elements. The Aldebaran 360 degrees Flex is suitable not only for mounting on tripods/masts, but also for suspension via the integrated holding hooks.

INNOVATIVE LIGHTING CONCEPT – up to three times more light wherever you really need it

In contrast to other lighting solutions with „all-around light features“ available on the market, here the light can be precisely directed towards the surface that needs to be illuminated by changing the angle of inclination of the 4 single light modules. By avoiding stray light directed sideways or up, up to three times higher luminance on the floor is achieved as with comparable solutions.

MAXIMUM ROBUSTNESS – resistant in the outdoor use

Many products on the market are only limitedly usable in outdoor areas, especially when it gets windy sometimes. Via the narrow and stable construction of the light elements, they provide only a small contact surface to storms and wind, and the 360 degrees Flex therefore stays fully operational. Moreover, the used LED illuminants are absolutely shock- and vibration-proof which prevents unexpected failure and early illuminant replacement as well.

FAST ASSEMBLY AND DISMANTLING – Ready for use in no time thanks to the „one man“ assembly and dismantling

Unlike most of the solutions available on the market, the assembly and dismantling is done in only a few easy steps by one person. Thanks to the low heat generation, no special ignition specifications or cooling durations have to be considered. Integrated power supplys and drivers reduce the cabling effort to a minimum.

SPACE SAVING TRANSPORT – the transport takes place in a compact, custom-made transport box.

The transport takes place in a compact, custom-made transport box. No additional boxes for drivers, power supplies etc. because they are already integrated into the lamp.

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