AGNITIO – Worldwide market leader for Voice ID products


AGNITIO is a worldwide market leader for Voice ID products. AGNITIO’s Voice ID is used by Government organizations to prevent crime, identify criminals and provide evidence in court. AGNITIO has an extensive customer base including leading police, intelligence, military and other government organizations in over 40 countries.

AGNITIO’s Voice ID is:

  • Secure: it is continuously improved in the most demanding environments of government and forensic organizations worldwide and is highly accurate and practically impossible to cheat
  • Universal: it can be used by solutions in multiple situations, from criminal identification to caller authentication
  • Natural: there is nothing more natural than speaking, say anything in any language and AGNITIO’s products extract your Voice ID

The AGNITIO Government portfolio is a comprehensive set of Voice Biometrics engines and products that provide speaker identification and precise ID verification capabilities for Security Solutions.

The products are tuned and optimized to each customer’s use case and need. Different features and capabilities have been designed to adapt the performance of the engine to specific difficulties and requirements of each application where it will be integrated. From audio forensics to lawful intercept, from biometric Criminal Identification to voice surveillance, from tactical to strategic SigInt solutions, the AGNITIO product family covers all Speaker Recognition needs of Government Security.

All products are based on AGNITIO’s precise and ultra-fast Voice Biometrics Engine. Its robust technology (text, channel and language independent) has exceeded expectations of the most demanding customers and applications.

Explore the four products of the family: BATVOX, ASIS, BS3 and SIFT.



Forensic tool for automatic speaker recognition that generates reports to have as evidence in Court


Biometric Voice Print database for automatic identification of criminals using voice ID


Biometric Speaker Spotting engine to identify targets for Lawful Intercept and SigInt solutions


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