X-ray products from 3DX-RAY Ltd. Defense & Security

3DX-RAY Ltd is a global market and technology leader in line-scan x-ray imaging systems for the security and industrial inspection markets.

Their security systems combine high image quality with ease of use and competitive pricing. Portable, mobile and fixed systems are offered to meet a wide range of security x-ray inspection needs.

3DX-RAY Ltd designs and manufactures a range of innovative portable, rapid deployment and static security products for the security market. 


NEW portable system with large lightweight panel and robust I-Gen generator.

FlatScan-TPXi portable x-ray system


Lightweight, portable, large panel, high resolution x-ray system.

FlatScan-15 compact portable x-ray system


Compact, portable, high resolution  x-ray system.

AXIS baggage scanning system

AXIS-3D® & AXIS-64

AXIS baggage scanners offering 2D and unique 3D ‘best in class’ image quality.

SVXi vehicle screening system


A vehicle x-ray scanner produces sub-millimetre resolution images of vehicles up to the size of a large van. Available as a fixed or mobile system.

MailScan  for x-ray scanning of mail and packages


MailScan are cabinet x-ray systems for screening mail, parcels and small baggage for potentially harmful items and contraband .

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